7/11 class

12 Jul

Wonder if I’m the only person who knew about 7-11s giving away free slurpies today. Exclusivity is nice when it involves a cool piece of information like that 😀

Today we worked out of half guard, as the theme has been for the past week or so.


Second Stripe

3 Jul

Really committing to using this more. Received 2nd stripe on white belt on Thursday, June 28th. Feel like I’m doing better, sparring is still rough. Not getting submitted, but still working my way out of awful positions, which is both frustrating and energy-diminishing. Not great for the ego either.

Techniques from 7/2 class to follow…

Passing Half-Guard- GI

  • Begin in half-guard Top position
  • Achieve underhook of far arm
  • With tangled leg, walk out to side far as possible
  • Bring head to the mat on close side
  • Trap and secure uke tricep
  • Using 3 points of contact (left leg, head, posted arm on far side), posture up by trying to stand
  • Once knee is out, drop THAT hip to mat while pointing feet and bringing leg out of half-guard; at same time, lift arm that is trapped to end in kesa gatame

2nd technique involves grabbing uke pants, loosening until knee is through, trapping with other leg, untangling, then punching leg down to mat

3rd technique involves uke getting underhook from bottom, using thumb in collar, bringing around the head, and either achieving choke or mount…more to come

4/10 class

11 Apr

Start on bottom, half guard, top leg between you and uke’s chest
Left hand gripping uke collar, right hand pistol grips uke right sleeve
To break, bring left palm to uke’s gripping hand, push then guide his hand and weave behind pistol grip hand
Take left hand and grip triceps
In one motion, push knee and pull sleeve down, ringing uke on all fours to the right side.
With left arm, reach around uke’s body and grab belt or under armpit, walk hips out
Pull uke into your back mount and maintain hooks

No-gi Half guard escape

25 Jan

Use right hand to check opp bicep- this prevents opp from locking hands
Bump hips to left, in attempt to knock opp off balance – if done hard enough, sweep can be achieved.
Assuming opp uses right elbow to base, swim left arm under his right arm, go onto right side
Bring left arm all way over opp and meet/lock hands
Switch feet, make sure to get left foot inside of opp right foot, get underneath opp, use right foot to complete short bridge, complete sweep and move into side control

First stripe

21 Dec

I received the first stripe on white belt Nov. 29 from Sensei Achille. Felt great to finally be on my way towards next level, but so much more work to be done. I appreciate everyone at my dojo, Steel City Martial Arts, for taking their time and having unlimited patience with me. Headed to class this evening, we’ll see what techniques I post. Happy holidays.


Side of D’arce?

21 Dec
  • Beginning in kata gatame top on to opp’s right, if opp makes frame to push face away, allow him to, then catch wrist with left hand using palm-down grip.
  • Pull wrist towards you and down, while bringing free hand inside [arm ideally should be across opp’s face or under chin].
  • Dive right arm through under opp’s head, and catch head with hand.
  • At this point, let your head be attached to opp’s to maintain control, keep tight, and come to knees.
  • Once in desired position, bring left hand to side of opp’s head, grab left bicep with right hand. Be sure to use left hand to hold opp’s lay muscle or ribs to further secure position
  • Sprawl and drop chest, while squeezing to secure submission.




12 Nov

Move #1

Start in side-control, bottom, in headlock position

Make frame with hands and arms to create space by pushing opp face away.

Bridge hips up (think of making his head touch the mat). Bring hand to opp shoulder and bridge, using opp momentum to roll over.

Establish side control, post hand next to opp far hip, switch my hips, bring leg over. Make frame again to break headlock, keeping left hand pushing opp face down, take opp arm in right hand/arm, fall back for armbar sub.